Destrehan teacher takes home $500 photo contest prize

Out of 991 photos submitted on the year for the 2013 Herald-Guide Camera Shootout, the finalist list was narrowed down last week to 12 monthly winners plus two photos selected by our editors, which means each photo submitted had only a one in 70 chance of making it to the finals.

Of the 14 finalists, the top three will receive prizes including $500 for first place, a year’s subscription to the Herald-Guide for second place and a Louisiana Sportsmen t-shirt for third place.

For those who would like to take part in the 2014 Camera Shootout, go to to submit your photos now. You never know, it could be you taking home $500 next year.

Listed below are the top three finishers in the 2013 Herald-Guide Camera Shootout photo contest.

1st place

“Boy’s best friend”  by Christina Plaisance, of Destrehan, won first place in the 2013 Herald-Guide Camera Shootout.

Call it beginner’s luck, but with her first photo submission ever, Plaisance took home the weekly win, the monthly win and eventually came out on top of the year end contest to become the Camera Shootout winner for 2013.

The winning photo was taken by Plaisance and shows the strong relationship that exists between her nephew and her dog.

“Boudreaux is our family dog and we adopted him about two years ago. He was found on the side of the road in horrible condition, so we took him in and adopted him. Kenny Paul is my nephew and they are best friends,” she said. “Kenny Paul has his own dog who doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, but Boudreaux is his best friend.”

Plaisance said the photo was taken on the spur of the moment.

“One day I was getting dressed to go to a wedding and all of the sudden I looked and they were looking out the window and he had his arm around him,” she said.

The idea to submit the photo to the Herald-Guide came after she saw the photo contest in a copy of the newspaper.

Now that she has won, Plaisance plans on continuing to submit photos, but first she is going to put the $500 prize to good use.

“I will, probably because Boudreaux was adopted, give some of the money to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and then whatever is left put into Kenny Paul’s college fund,” she said.

2nd place

“Afternoon snack” by Aimee Fontenot, of Luling, came in second place.

Fontenot said the photo was taken in April 2013 when she and friends were having a get together.

“Me and some friends were having a crawfish boil with our kids one afternoon back in April and we cut up a watermelon for the kids and they were all sitting there eating their watermelon. We were having a nice family afternoon,” she said.

When the photo was selected for the yearly contest, Fontenot said the family was happy.

“We were very excited when we found out that we had made it,” she said.

A regular contributor to the photo contest, Fontenot said even though she did not get first place she will continue submitting photos to the contest for the sense of community it provides.

“It’s just a fun thing to do right here in the local area to have the contest and see the local people and everything,” she said.

3rd place

“Sweet Moment” by Randi Elliott, of Bayou Gauche, came in third place.

Elliott’s photo is of her son and a classmate who took part in the Allemands Elementary Cajun Dancers’ presentation at the Destrehan Plantation Festival last year.

“The little boy is my son and the little girl is one of his friends and they were just sitting there chatting and I was snapping away,” she said.

A few weeks after the photo was taken, it was printed in the Herald-Guide and invoked a reaction from the children pictured.

“He was so excited. He and the little girl came running home and said, ‘We are in the newspaper!’ They love it,” Elliott said.

The photo was one of two Elliott submitted this year that were monthly winners and included in the final vote.

She said having her photos published in the paper alone are enough for her to continue submitting to the contest.

“We have a lot of friends and people we know who submit photos and look at it weekly and everything,” she said. “I love it, it’s fun. It is something enjoyable to look for in the newspaper.”

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