Destrehan High School Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Nicole Hall, a graduate of Destrehan High School and Louisiana State University, has been teaching social studies at Destrehan High School since 2002.

Before teaching at DHS, she was the Teacher-Coordinator for DHS’s Learning Center.

Hall also serves as a school leader in her role as social studies department chair.

In addition to her teaching duties, Hall is a member of the International Center for Leadership in Education, National Council for the Social Studies, Louisiana Council for the Social Studies, St. Charles Parish Reading Council, and the Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators.

She is involved with the community by being a member of the National WWII Museum, the Valero Community Advisory Panel, and the Ed Reed Eye of the Hurricane Foundation.

Hall’s love of history has proven to be infectious to her students.

Students often rave about her classes and come away with not only knowledge but also a new love of history. She does this by reaching out to the community.

She has invited members of the National WWII Museum to speak to her students about the Higgins boats and their ties to D-Day and New Orleans.

Hall says she brings students out into the community to help them realize that learning is not just about books and tests, but also about experiencing life and change and giving back to those who built this world for us.

Her goal as an educator is to make a “lasting impression on students’ lives that will help them make future decisions as informed citizens, independent thinkers, and proud Americans.”

To help her achieve this goal she is constantly learning new ways to reach her students.


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