Des Allemands writer’s first novel

Sci-fi thriller will knock your socks off

Imagine living in a world of the future where the lives of earthlings and extraterrestrials have collided head-on.

And in this future it’s up to YOU to stop the aliens before they take over the planet that you call “home.”

That may seem like a far-fetched concept, but for Lee Stephen of Des Allemands, aliens and humans in a do-or-die battle was the perfect setting for his first novel, Dawn of Destiny.

“The book is set in a ‘miltary science’ setting and focuses on the journey of a soldier named Scott Remington,” Stephen told the Herald-Guide.

Stephen says the book is indeed a science fiction novel, but making the unique characters come to life – making them real – was crucial to him and the story.

“The biggest challenge in making the characters real was having them fail at something or endure a harship,” said Stephen.

“I’m attached to all the book’s characters and it’s hard to see them suffer, but it makes them believable.”

While unique characters and an exciting setting may be the driving force for Stephen’s novel, he says that it was his passion for writing and the words of his mother that gave him the confidence to pursue his dream.

“When I was young, writing was all I had,” said Stephen.

“I didn’t play sports, I wasn’t charming, I wasn’t popular – but I could write, and my mother always told me that it only takes one book to make it happen.

“And while I enjoy writing and the excitment of having someone enjoy what I’ve written, I do want my work to be the reflection of God’s work in my life.

“Though my novels aren’t Christian novels, God has given me the ability to write.”

And this won’t be the last book you see from Stephen.

Dawn of Destiny is the first novel in a series he calls, Epic. And Stephen says that he hopes that the stories can become a “cross-genre” work of fiction that will be enjoyed by the readers of everthing from science fiction to drama to romance.

Lee Stephen is a Des Allemands native, a 1999 graduate of Hahnville High School and a 2003 graduate of Louisiana College in Pineville. Stephen is employed at the St. Charles Parish Department of Emergency Preparedness. For more information on “Dawn of Destiny,” visit


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