Career QUIKS For a better life

By Jennifer Nall

Slam-dunk any interview with expert’s tips

LULING – You can double your money by folding it – or you can dust off the old resume and go looking for a new and better job. And the more you know about what employers are looking for in interviews, the better your chances of slam-dunking it – and stepping up to bigger pay.

Here, from James Poole, program coordinator of the St. Charles One-Stop Career Center, are five common mistakes you don’t want to make:

1. Being late for the interview.

2. Not dressing for the job.

3. Not filling out the application completely.

4. Lying on the application or resume.

5. Not knowing anything about the company.

And what SHOULD you do? “Use our services at the Career Center,” says Poole. “We can help you with your resume and to improve your skills at no cost. Everything we do is free.”


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