Book Review: Pet Sematary

Reviewed by Jolie Allen

Pet Sematary is a novel written by the well-known horror writer Stephen King. It follows the life of the seemingly normal Creed family, which consists of Dr. Louis, his wife Rachel Creed, and their two young children, Ellie and Gage. As newcomers to this quiet town, they get taken in by neighbors who begin to tell them the basics of the town, from the obvious—to the secrets that lurk in the surrounding forest. The book serves to frighten, intimidate, and make the reader question the appearance of things.

The story of the Creed family starts in the small-town of Ludlow. The creed family’s new house is located right on a highway, and it’s no strange occurrence for the town’s house pets to have their lives taken by travelling vehicles. Due to this, some of the children created a “Pet Sematary” in the woods, where the deceased animals are honored and buried. However, just upon this cemetery, there lies a second, far more sinister place. When Dr. Louis Creed’s daughter Ellie, loses her pet cat to the highway, the true properties of the burial ground are witnessed.

As expected, Steven King does not disappoint with Pet Sematary. The chilling novel constantly kept me on my toes and made me excited to read more.  The syntax of the story and the timeline of events flows almost perfectly and remained interesting for the entirety of the novel.

Jolie Allen

Jolie Allen was a graduating senior in the Gifted program at Hahnville High. She enjoys spending her time in choir, participating in community service events, and spending quality time with friends. She plans to pursue a major in Interior Design at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Editor’s note: Book reviews are published throughout the summer and fall in agreement with Hahnville High School gifted English teacher Deborah Unger in conjunction with the Brown Foundation Service Learning Program and Unger’s “Adolescents Advocate Literacy” Brown Service Learning Grant.


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