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Nattie Swan is St. Charles Parish’s best new advice columnist for kids and their parents. Let her help you. I’m getting picked on at school because I’m chubby

Dear Nattie: Kids call me names and say mean things because I’m 20 pounds overweight and not very popular. I try to smile and pretend like their jokes and comments don’t bother me. But there are a lot of times I cry myself to sleep at night because I hurt so bad inside.

I know you might not be able to help me because you probably can’t relate to a chubby person like me. But I’ve got no one else to turn to. I’ve got a few friends, but they’re not very popular either, and the other kids make jokes and say mean things to them, too. If you were me, how would you react? Is there any way for me to stop all the teasing and get other kids to like me or at least leave me alone. – Hurting in Boutte

Dear Hurting: With the way Hollywood is today we all feel fat, no matter how skinny or pretty we might be. It’s more important to feel comfortable in the body you have than to try and to conform to society’s expectations. The standards set by Tinseltown are so high that even skeleton-like celebrities are barely making the cut. You need to think about the good things in you instead of focusing on the bad things. Doing this will help raise your self-esteem and make you feel more confident. If you still feel “overweight” you should try putting more fruit and vegetables into your diet. You should also try exercising, walking is a good start.

I think that my mom snoops around my room too much

Dear Nattie: I’ve got a major problem with my mom. I love her and all that, but she won’t stay out of my room. I don’t really like to use the word “snooping” or “spying.” But, realistically, that’s exactly what she does. But she won’t admit it.The other day I came home from shopping and I found her going through my chest of drawers. I asked her what she was looking for and she said, “Nothing. I’m just looking.” But I’ve caught her reading my diary before, too, and I know she’s checking up on me to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m not “Miss Perfect,” but I don’t use drugs or drink or smoke and I’m going to graduate from high school this spring on schedule. What can I say or do to make her respect my privacy? She’d be furious if she caught me going through her stuff. – Needs Help in Destrehan

Dear Help: There is not a lot you can do in this situation. Since you live under your parents’ roof you have to obey them. You are graduating shortly so all you can do, as of now, is grin and bear it. Have you ever given your mother a reason to not trust you? I know it is hard, from personal experience, but talking to her about it might help. The major thing is to try and understand that your mother loves you.

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