Ama writer’s first children’s book published

“Andre’s Great Day” is Trina Triche’s newly published book about a teenage boy’s play day but with the fun problem of how to spend $100 his dad gave him.“I have to clean up this kitchen, take out the trash, clean my room, and decide what to do with my free time,” states Andre in the 42-page book’s opening chapter. “One thing I know for sure, it is going to be a great day.”

Published on Sept. 21, the Ama native and resident said she is dedicated to putting her education and communications experience into a book for children. She is also a proud 1982 graduate of Hahnville High School.

“Reading is important,” Triche said. “I taught English for a period of time and I find there’s very little positive reading that grabs the interest of kids. My desire was to create a book that would teach them life lessons and would be enjoyable reading.”

Also, she said all her books will be multicultural and with a Christian theme.

Triche’s work experience includes working for the St. Charles Herald-Guide, as well as an educator in area schools including Jefferson, Orleans and St. James the Baptist parishes.

This first book is actually the source of heavenly inspiration.

“I was in a church and that church had a literary department, and they kind of just said think of something and go with it,” she said. “I literally was in my house one day and words just started coming on the paper. I started writing one thing and it led to something else and then it was the Holy Spirit writing.”

For Triche, writing and getting her work published at this time in her life is especially meaningful.

She left Louisiana and moved to Texas.

Triche said she sees the vision of what she wants to write and goes from there.

This is her first book, but a second one also went on sale in October.

Called “Poems for All Occasions,” these works date back to 2006, she said. Publishing it went much faster than anticipated so first and second books are coming out nearly back to back.

Triche’s first book is available online at,, and Apple iBook.

For more information, Triche is available at (504) 431-8326.


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