Does talking to your plants qualify you for the “looney bin?”

Have you noticed how Mother Nature keeps teasing us with hints that spring is just around the corner? Day by day the sun’s rays are shining a little longer, warm spells are finding their way into the air – and gardeners are getting restless.

For those of you with “green thumbs,” soon your lawns will transform into a work of art – with vibrant flowerbeds and luscious vegetable gardens.

But for those of you who are like me, gardening can be a chore and you probably don’t see any green on your thumbs.

Most of the women in my family have the landscaping niche and can grow anything, but not me – I was graced with the great talent of killing plants.

It’s true. There have been very few plants that have survived my wrath.

And I follow all the rules. I make sure that the sunlight exposure is accurate and water them when necessary, but then the leaves begin to wilt and another plant is lost.

My future mother-in-law gave me an ivy for Valentine’s Day last year and I was sure the newly sprouted plant was doomed for death.

So, I decided to add an unconventional method of gardening to my routine – talking to the helpless plant.

I know that it sounds a bit odd, but every morning, without fail, I would nurture it with sweet words like a child – and call me crazy, but I think it worked.

A year later, the plant is still alive and stands proud in its hanging basket with a healthy and happy glow.

It has been knocked over by my cats, transplanted twice and is still alive.

I’ve finally reached an amateur level of success and have since added an aloe vera plant to my personal “greenhouse.”

I live in a duplex, have limited yard space and don’t see any big landscaping projects in my future, but the challenge of someday having to ornament my own lawn intimidates me.

I can almost hear the neighbors whispering to one another, “That crazy lady’s circling the yard and talking to herself again.”

Oh, what a sight it will be.


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