Letters to the Editor 5-29-2007

Bringing YMCA to Luling is a grand idea

Dear Editor:

I think having a YMCA in St.Charles Parish is an excellent innovation!

We have four young children. We would love to see a family-oriented center with many activities for the children and adults.

I am originally from Canada, and I remember gathering at the “Y” for indoor swimming, water aerobics, basketball and volleyball, and a lot more.

I would love to help in the development of such a project. Tell me how I can get involved! – Annie Laroche-Howat

Dear Editor:

This is a God sent. Now our children will have the opportunity to participate in activities in the Parish as oppose to parents having to take them outside the parish.

It is also excellent that you all have made it easily accessible to the indigent population. This will help keep our children off of the street. For as most of us know – “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” – Jaijuan Manuel

LSU ought to leave tigers in the jungle

Dear Editor: The death of Mike, the tiger used as a mascot by LSU, is heartbreaking.

A tiger’s home range is thousands of times bigger than the enclosure at LSU. Oxford University concluded that wide-roaming tigers should not be kept in captivity.

Mike’s living conditions at LSU were far from ideal. Tigers are solitary animals who shun human contact; being constantly on display on a busy college campus and periodically hauled out in front of huge, noisy crowds is frightening and confusing for any animal.

If LSU purchases a tiger cub, a newborn tiger will be forcibly removed from his or her mother within days of birth. Mothers spend weeks calling frantically for their missing babies. In the wild, tiger cubs stay with their mothers for up to three years.

It’s time to put this cruel tradition to rest.

– Jennifer O’Connor, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


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