Letters to the Editor

Don’t demolish old school building
The purpose of this letter is to voice our concern over the recent decision by the St. Charles Parish School Board to demolish the Luling Elementary building on Ellington, one of the few remaining historical landmarks in St. Charles Parish. Our position on this matter is that St. Charles Parish should embrace its past and strive to maintain the historic structures that are found throughout our community. Many of our club members, as well as community members, attended school there and we are dismayed at the thought of losing this beautiful landmark. The true beauty of our ancestors lie within these historic buildings and that is a lesson all children truly need to learn. Where someone may see a collapsing rotting building, others may see beauty and history that should not be torn down. Restoration is a beautiful project and restores a piece of the past that is lost.

We ask that you please revisit your decision. With hard work and dedication, anything can be saved, if not by the St. Charles Parish School System then by someone who can.

Respectfully submitted,

Leslie Fabre Cooper

President, Republican Women of St. Charles

Write to help keep insurance rates down,

I am writing as many others may be or want to about the increase in homeowners insurance. I am asking that everyone write to the Louisiana Insurance Rating Commission (LIRC) asking them not to allow the insurance companies to raise our rates.

It is already unfair because homeowners who don’t have insurance benefit more than homeowners that have insurance. Soon, we will not be able to afford insurance on our homes and have to sell and move.

I have insurance through ANPAC and was notified when my policy renewed August 8, 2005, that there was a new Hurricane/Named Storm deductible of 2% of the value I have insured. To my knowledge, ANPAC and State Farm are the only companies out of the 150 companies to have this deductible. There is also depreciation on my roof although my policy is for total replacement. I am having a hard time figuring out exactly what I am insured for in the first place since nothing seems to be covered anymore.

Plus, I have been paying premiums in order to cover me in case I have to make a claim and whether or not I make a claim, my rates are going to be going up. Please help keep this from happening to all of us.

I encourage everyone to write to the LIRC asking them to do whatever they have to do to support the people of Louisiana by not allowing the insurance companies to increase our rates. Sincerely,

Clara Daigle



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