Recycling needs a fix

If St. Charles Parish wants residents to recycle, it needs to change the present method of doing so. At present, residents are required to deliver their recyclables to collection points in the parish.

This writer has had his van loaded with paper and other recyclables and has tried to unload them at nearby collection points several times. But in each case, the collection point was loaded.

Either there are too many people trying to recycle under the present system or the recyclables are not being picked up frequently enough.

Originally, St. Charles Parish picked up recyclables once a week at residents’ homes. It seemed to work very well. The blue recycling containers were seen at many homes regularly.

Then came the hurricane and the pick-ups were discontinued. The collection points were established for residents to deliver their own.

But now, with the loaded collection points, we must either go back to putting it out as common garbage to clutter up our dumps or await patiently for a dumpster with space in it to appear. If it is worthwhile to recycle, it should be worthwhile to pick it up.

Community Ed still available

Looking for something to do this spring? St. Charles Parish Community Education Program, one of the most successful in the state, offers many opportunities to learn something that can help you make a living or just enjoy life.

There are subjects galore and there should be something of interest for almost everyone.

Registration is now underway and will continue until March 5. It can be accomplished through the mail or in person at the Community Education Department office, 13855 River Road, Luling.


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