Parish Web site impresses German visitor

By Renee Simpson

I receive all the messages that come via our parish contact form on

Usually I get requests for information on building permits, recycling and other everyday local concerns.
But recently I received a reminder of just how far the Internet’s reach can take our relatively small parish in Southeast Louisiana.

Joachim Rumpf of Duisburg, Germany writes: “For an hour now I’m studying and go through your parish Web site, and I am very impressed about all the information concerning your community that is very informative, even for people from Germany and even more very sympathetic to me.

I went through the gallery und found a lot of photographs about events for the handicapped children. It appears to me that handicapped persons and other persons which need support from the community are very well accepted und supported.

I have studied some Web sites from other counties across the USA, and I have not found many of those very warm and sympathetic Web sites.

A few years ago during a site visit I was near your parish but have missed to visit it. It’s a pity. I like America very much and was there a few times, and fortunately there is the Web, which allows me to visit America whenever I want.

Finally I wish the people in your community all the very best, and I’m very sure, if there is a chance, that I will visit your parish.

So I send some greetings from Duisburg, in the western area of Germany, to you.”

It’s exciting to know that our parish on the “German Coast” is still in contact with the country so many of our ancestors called home.

Follow St. Charles on Twitter
In advance of the most active part of hurricane season, St. Charles Parish now has a presence on social networking site

According to the site, Twitter is “a service for friends, family and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: ‘What are you doing?’”

If you’ve been following the protests in Iran, you know that Twitter has been a driving force in providing outsiders with information about the conflict direct from those on the ground.

This text-based service allows for quick updates that anyone can view either on their mobile phones or the Internet. Twitter will provide another layer of communication between the parish and citizens during any emergency situation.
To sign up for Twitter or follow St. Charles Parish, visit

Hale Boggs cable replacement big undertaking
The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is gearing up to begin replacing all the cables on the Hale Boggs Bridge. Construction is scheduled to begin in mid-September.

According to DOTD, there may be some lane closures during non-peak traffic hours, and there is the remote possibility of a full bridge closure if required.

Below is some important information on this project from DOTD:

•The assembly area will be located on West Bank south of the railroad tracks under the I-310 and off ramp.

•No lane closures are expected, however, speed limits will be lowered.

•When working on each side of the bridge; two 11-foot lanes will allow traffic to flow. Barriers will be placed and the remaining area will be used for construction.

•Contractors will first replace cables on the downriver side of the bridge. That work is anticipated to last seven to eight months.

•Contractors will then move to the upriver side of the bridge and replace those cables – again it is anticipated to last seven to eight months.

•All safety precautions are being taken. Mats and platforms will be installed to catch falling debris, and tow trucks will be stationed on both sides of the river.

•The contract was awarded to Kiewit Louisiana Company. The contractor has extensive experience in this kind of project.

St. Charles Parish Public Information Officer Renee Allemand Simpson may be reached at (985) 783-5000 or


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