Our neighbor may need some help getting a boss

Residents of St. Charles should pay attention not only to their own parish government, but also to the big parish government next door. There’s a major election coming up in Orleans Parish for mayor and it is of big importance for one of our nation’s most important cities.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who has served his city well for two consecutive four-year terms, is termed out and a replacement must be elected. The position has drawn a whopping 18 candidates.

In all, some 66 candidates ended up putting their names in for that and other city jobs.

But mayor of New Orleans is one of the major elected positions in our state. Being from a political family well known throughout the nation, we’re sure Landrieu will be seeking other important positions in the future.

Being mayor of our state’s largest city and one of the nation’s most inviting is a very important post. And serving in the position of running it requires a great deal of ability to get things done.

Most residents of St. Charles Parish spend a great deal of time in New Orleans where they buy a lot of their goods and services used at home and in their businesses. Much of their playtime and social activities are accomplished there also and it is good for them to have connections with business people and public officials there who can lead them to taking the best advantage of the big city next door.

Of course, St. Charles Parish residents cannot vote in their election, but it doesn’t hurt for them to have a lot of friends and know some of the public officials there who can acquaint them with the way the city operates and make them feel at home. For that reason they should have an intense interest in their election, acquaint themselves with the qualifications of the candidates, discuss it with their friends in Orleans Parish who can vote and try to have a positive impact on the outcome of our neighboring parish in its future.

After all, it probably won’t be long before we are passing through it or staying there for a while.

So let us turn north and east and let our big city neighbor know how we feel they should vote in this election if we have a choice. We are part of the same metropolitan section of our southeast Louisiana that harbors the mouth of the greatest river in the world.

With that acknowledgment, we accept the right to help them make their decision.

If we are considered a suburb of New Orleans, which most people feel we are, we should have some say so. And if you have some good suggestions of how they should vote in the big city next to us, let them know and ask them to pass the message around.

So if you acquaint yourself with at least the qualifications of the candidates for mayor of New Orleans, you could talk it up with your neighbors across the parish line and maybe do some good in the coming election and it could help our parish citizens also by having a healthier government next door.


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