Let’s not change everything too fast

Whew! It’s over at last – – the longest presidential campaign in history. And it really made history.

We congratulate Barrack Obama for running such a successful campaign. May his term as President be as successful.

Hopefully, the changes espoused in the heated campaign will not be pursued too quickly. After all, this is still the greatest nation in the world. Though he was thrashed heavily during the campaign, George W. Bush has not been that bad a president. History may put him in a different light than the negative ratings he got during the campaign.

Change is on the horizon but it should not be adopted until we have examined what we have been doing and where we are at present. Certainly, some improvements can be made but take a look at the record:

– – During the first 6 years of Bush’s 7 1/2 years, the economy was fine. In fact, it didn’t start going down until the Democrats took control of Congress.

– – At that time, the unemployment rate was only 4.5 percent.

– – The Dow Jones stock market report hit a record high of 14,000 plus during W’s administration.

– – Americans were buying new cars, taking cruises, vacationing overseas and living big.

Perhaps W’s biggest achievement was helping to keep the nation safe from terrorist attacks during the years after 9/11. Many thought there would be a series of them. There were none on our mainland, thanks to some astute protective measures instituted by the administration.

Some claim his invasion of Iraq was a mistake after no weapons of mass destruction were found. There is no question, however, that we got rid of a tyrant and may have started the Mideast on the road to freedom and democracy which will promote our safety. And at the present, the future is looking better in Iraq.

True, we haven’t gotten rid of Osama bin Laden but at least we have kept him from invading our shores again.

After the rhetoric settles down, our next President should start looking at the overall situation to determine how to correct problems we may have ahead of us. And then he should move forward in bipartisan fashion to correct them.

We wish him well.


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