Legislators’ misplaced priorities

Our Louisiana legislators are paying lip service, but, apparently, not attention to the fact that the proposed budget for fiscal year 2016 has at least a $1.6 billion deficit.

Also, escaping their attention is Louisiana State University (LSU) preparing for financial exigency.

That means, LSU will have to layoff tenured faculty and reduce courses due to the lack of state funding.Yet, the state Legislature just passed SCR63 requesting the LSU Board of Supervisors to erect a statue to the late “Pistol Pete” Maravich.

No funding was included by the Legislature.

Obviously, funding to erect the statue is to come from the academic budget.

Pay for it

If the legislators feel so strongly as to pass the resolution unanimously, they should each contribute a pro rata share of their personal (not campaign) funds for the statue.

In no case, should public funds be used to build a statue while the academic programs at LSU are going wanting.

I’m as much a fan of LSU sports as anyone who ever attended LSU, but this statue is a perfect example of the legislators’ misplaced priorities.

It’s why the state budget has a $1.6 Billion shortfall and our taxes are being raised to fix the problem they alone created.

I’d say the legislature has lost its collective mind, but that would be redundant.


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