Kennedy makes point at inauguration

St. Charles Parish got a taste of what’s in store for Louisiana government for the next four years this past weekend.

We’re not referring to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s ascendency into the governorship, though that will probably play a large part in it. As main speaker at the inauguration of our new parish president and council Sunday in front of the courthouse in Hahnville, State Treasurer John Kennedy laid out the format that we must follow if we are to improve the image of the Pelican State.

It’s not that Louisiana has such a low level of ethics in our government. There are other states not much better.
But the perception is there that we are the worst. And big companies will not consider locating here with such a reputation.

Changing our ethics laws, which our new governor wants to do, will send a message to the rest of the nation that we mean business. And by actually putting them into practice, the solution to our other problems will fall into place.
Kennedy has been outspoken during his previous term as treasurer in telling us what we must do to gain the positive impression we need nationwide. And our new administration in Baton Rouge seems to have the getgo to carry it out.


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