Jindal could lead in right direction

Gov. Bobby Jindal is making news again. Now he wants to reshape the State of Louisiana by cutting the government infrastructure and turning over many of the state’s functions to the private sector.

But there is more to the story than that. If he reshapes it well, he will be in line for the possibility of a Presidential or Vice Presidential position in the future. If not, he may be restricted to a local slot in Louisiana politics.

How it goes depends upon whether or not the nation subscribes to Pres. Barack Obama’s liberal policies of putting the government in the forefront of most of the nation’s business. If it does not, then look for our Bobby Jindal possibly taking a leadership role in the future of our country.

Jindal is a conservative and wants private enterprise to play the major part in the future of our state and nation. In our budget crisis, he may have an opportunity to prove his merits in making government work.

We feel he is sincere in wanting to do the best for Louisiana which is facing financial problems of major proportions. His desire in wanting to turn our state around in allowing the private sector to play such a part in its future is certainly a departure from the way national and state politics has been played in the past.

He may have a good thing going. If he succeeds, as he well may, he stands to gain the admiration of the entire nation. And we know his ambition in national politics would benefit from it greatly.

We hope he succeeds, for the ultimate benefit of  himself and the entire nation. And in the near future, the success of the governor will help keep the finances of our state in order.

Bourbon Street doesn’t need so much sleeze

Playwright Edward Albee made some interesting statements in his appearances at the Tennessee Williams Festival this past weekend in New Orleans. In one of them, he said that, in the 1970s, Williams was upset about the direction of the French Quarter in New Orleans. He pointed out that Bourbon Street had become sleezy.

We doubt that he was blaming the strip shows which Albee indicated were kind of classy. We suspect that he was referring mainly to the t-shirt stores which are plentiful and have all kinds of un-classy wording inscribed upon them.

Yes, New Orleans could make the French Quarter much more inviting if it got rid of much of the merchandise available on Bourbon Street. It is the birthplace of jazz and that should be its main focus.


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