Health care bill not done deal yet

If you thought you were going to get universal health care right away after Washington passed the Obama administration’s new bill, you are mistaken. What is planned won’t be fully available for five or ten years.

First of all, it will have to undergo attempts to rule it unconstitutional. Several states are joining together to dispose of it in that manner.

Gov. Bobby Jindal and Louisiana Attorney General  Buddy Caldwell have joined together with 12 other states to dispose of it in that manner. Jindal claims the bill would be the first time in history that citizens would be required to purchase a particular product, good or service “as a requirement to be a citizen of the United States of America.”

All of Louisiana’s congressional delegation voted against the bill except Sen. Mary Landrieu who favored it.
The bill would force Americans to purchase health insurance by 2014 or face a fine. And there are other objections by many to the bill.

We’ve all heard about the opposition to abortions being funded by taxpayer money in the bill. Under the original House bill, government subsidies could not be used to purchase insurance that would have covered abortions. The new House bill accepts the Senate’s version that gives a wink and a nod to such an opportunity by allowing such a subsidy if that portion of the coverage were paid for by a separate check from a separate account. In other words, bookkeeping systems could get around that requirement.

Congress could have easily adopted certain measures that would have beneficially reformed the health care system without adopting such an overall re-doing of it that will undoubtedly give us a lot of red tape and inefficient government interference into one-sixth of our economic system. Such could have required insurance to cover existing health conditions and tort reform. But the system it adopted will require all Americans to adapt to one system that will not suit all.

The federal government should stick mainly to preserving our freedom and security as provided in our constitution and allow our local governments and private enterprise to provide most of our needs.

This would allow our citizens the freedom to choose how they want to run their lives.


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