Is freedom finally coming to mideast?

Hopefully, the mideast is on the verge of demanding democracy and freedom for its people. The almost unbelievable events in Egypt recently gave us hope that the area of the world where true freedom had failed to make a mark was beginning to come around.

With millions massed in peaceful protests to the dictatorship that existed, it appeared that a new type of mideast was evolving.

And that is what we need. Not a mideast beset with the birth of terrorism but with a place where people can enjoy the freedoms they inherited when God gave them the grace to live on earth.

And it appears this is a forerunner of things to come in other countries. We have already seen it in Tunisia and word has crept out from Jordan and other areas of questionable designs on freedom that people are ready to repeat what happened in Egypt.

In the past, the United States has failed to promote democracy and freedom around the world when it interfered with our efforts to maintain a status quo in various regions. That was the wrong way to go in securing a peaceful world.

We need to go straightforward now and promote a free society around the world without giving in to compromise considerations that cut into that freedom. And President Barack Obama, hopefully, is the man who can do it.

We feel our President has the right frame of mind in bringing a peaceful co-existence among nations. He will compromise, we think, only when it has a valid purpose.
And so we rest upon his shoulders our future foreign policy which will assist the protesters who object to the non-democracy that exists in the mideast. May he bring about a spread of  those protests that help to insure the world  of a peaceful co-existence in which freedom and democracy can flourish.


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