Citizens are lunch for legislators

“Today, I don’t feel like we’re a band of brothers,” [Sen. J.P. Morrell] said. “I feel like we’re packs of wolves.” – LaPolitics Weekly, June 12, 2015

If Morrell feels like his colleagues are a bunch of wolves, I feel like we citizens were lunch for the wolves.

The significant fiscal bills (budgets and taxes were drafted in secret in the middle of the night by six members of 144 legislators elected to represent us and rammed through without the rest of the legislators even having copies, much less reading them.

Today, seeing the comments from the  legislators patting themselves on the back is sickening.

What they did was the equivalent to having Saints great Tom Dempsey set a new record for “kicking the can down the road.”

The only thing worse was Gov. Bobby Jindal claiming the budget was balanced without raising taxes. That must have been for the benefit of the voters of Iowa because nobody (not even the legislators) in Louisiana believes it.

Thursday afternoon was more like anarchy than a democracy in the Capitol.

What was done in the waning hours of Thursday was irresponsible. It made a mockery of the legislative process. If the legislators had any sense of pride in their respective bodies or any self respect, they would apologize to the citizens of Louisiana and beg for forgiveness.

If the legislators aren’t embarrassed, I’m embarrassed by them.


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