What it means to help those in need

Monday’s apartment complex fire was intense and devastating, but no match for the people of St. Charles Parish.

While nearly 50 firefighters fought the blaze in Destrehan, good people gathered at the scene to help the families who were evacuated from their apartments. Some returned later that day. Others had nothing to go back to with barely the clothes on their back left as they watched everything they had go up in flames.

Most of us desire and need a home, but there can come a time when it is lost and we’re left to sort out disaster. What’s encouraging in these times is that people still want to help those of need.

Too many people doubt this happens anymore.

But, on Monday, witnesses reported seeing people come on the fire scene with water, blankets, food and comfort.

Let us not forget the firefighters who fought a blaze that many had not seen in years. Without their training and dedication, the complex fire could have easily escalated beyond their control. Instead, they contained it and saved the neighboring complexes – and there are many in this area – from also catching fire.

The scene was chaotic, but surely no one disagrees these dedicated people stepped in and reminded us all of what it means to offer a hand to help. This is a world we should want to live in – one where Good Samaritans step with hand extended and asking what they can do for people in their distress.

As we all deal with calamity, may they be there for you.

And may we always remember what it means to give and accept help when it is needed.


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