What an incredible time to be a sports fan in Louisiana

If you had told many people a few weeks back that the Saints, LSU football and the Pelicans would all be in the position they are today, they’d have probably shot you some funny looks, and perhaps checked your temperature.

Sure, the Saints had optimism surrounding them entering this season. Of course, around Week 2, that optimism surely started to turn after a season-starting loss at home to Tampa Bay, then a difficult win the next week at home to Cleveland that “sluggish” doesn’t even begin to describe.

The defense was giving people flashbacks to the Steve Spagnuolo Saints defense of 2012. That’s not a good thing, to be clear. Yet here we are, with the Saints winners of five straight and hopefully a revenge outing this Sunday at Minnesota.

LSU? There was less buzz surrounding this Tigers team than many in recent memory. A lot of people seemed to cool on Ed Orgeron as the head coach of this team, but the Tigers continue to show up for big games, highlighted by their thrashing of No. 2 Georgia.

And the Pelicans simply look to be one of the NBA’s best teams through two games, a prospect not really embraced by many after the departure of center Boogie Cousins and point guard Rajon Rondo from last season’s team. It seemed on paper that the roster may have taken a step back. Nope. This team looks like every bit the terror it was down the stretch last season and then some, and for those who have long hoped for a legitimate NBA winner in New Orleans, this year’s Pelicans team may just do the trick.

There haven’t been many years where everything clicked among those three major sports teams. Sure, the Saints and LSU have had dual strong seasons. The Pelicans have put together a nice year every blue moon. But right now?

It’s all gravy for sports fans here. Let’s enjoy, shall we?


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