Too many hatreds taking place on earth

In an unspeakable act of hatred against Jews, a terror attack took over a synagogue in Pittsburgh this past week where at least 11 people were killed in an unspeakable act of hate. The Anti-Defamation League has called it likely “the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the history of the United States.”

The main perpetrator, Robert Bowers, traded gunfire with police and was shot several times but remained in fair condition at a hospital. The attack followed a series of pipe bombs being mailed to prominent politicians and officials which struck the news pages last week. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced the Justice Department will file hate crime and other charges against Bowers.

What is this country coming to? Bowers shot his victims with an AR15, a weapon used in many mass shootings in the country. He also had three hand guns which he owned legally and had a license to carry.

Little else was known about Bowers who had no criminal record but is reported to have expressed anti-Semitic views on social media. It appears he usually acted alone.

Prior to this one, the nation’s last mass shooting drew condemnations and expressions of sympathy from politicians and religious leaders from various areas. Pope Francis led prayers for Pittsburgh in St. Pete’s Square after she tragedy in Pittsburgh.

“In reality, all of us are wounded by this inhuman act of violence,” he said. He prayed for God “to help us extinguish the flames of hatred that develop in our societies, reinforcing the sense of humanity, respect for life and civil and moral values.”


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