What a relief! There may be peace ahead

To the relief of many Americans and other peace-loving people around the world, the summit between the United States and North Korea originally planned to take place in Singapore on June 12 has been rescheduled on the same date. After a few harsh words between North Koreans and Americans that led to a cancellation of it, the two countries have gotten together again on it to try and satisfy the world that nuclear war is not imminent between the two sides of our world.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in met this past weekend at a border village between North and South Korea to re-plan the meeting which had sent a feeling that there were some peaceful intents still existent between the countries involved. It had been cancelled after the harsh words took place.

Now it seems the two sides are somewhat peaceful once again and appear to be ready to talk to one another and make friends. It is certainly somewhat of a relief to know that countries, which were unfriendly to one another in the past, seem to be getting together.

In recent months we have been concerned about North Korea being unable to make friends with democratic countries without threatening to explode nuclear weapons in their direction.

But suddenly the world scene seems somewhat different.

We certainly accept the offer to hold a summit between America and North Korea. It seems to be to our benefit and that of the world. The kind words expressed by the North Koreans up to this point are enough to give us hope that we can turn this into a peaceful world in which all countries can have their say so without threatening to bring out the nuclear firearms.

Our President Donald Trump is certainly ready to accept a peaceful approach to resolve any differences that may come up between our countries. And it is time that the rest of the world’s countries join those that have already foreseen the way that we should all live together.


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