The beginning of a new school year

Can you believe it? Another summer has come and gone already.Three sure signs tell us it’s so. Football practice has started, parents have been stripping school supplies off the shelves and, starting next Monday morning, deputies will be set up in school zones all across St. Charles Parish attempting to slow motorists as an army of school busses take to the streets.

St. Charles Parish students are heading back to school after the long holiday break. Each will be returning to his classroom with the usual anticipation, coupled with regret that the carefree days of summer are once again behind him. Many will be adjusting to early morning wake up calls after a two-and-a-half long break from alarm clocks. Yes, the freedom of summer will be replaced with regiment and conformity, this despite a little resistance along the way.

For parents like myself, it is a welcome relief, not that I expect the schools to baby-sit for my kids, mind you, but the summer weather has been blistering to say the least. I have had my patience tested as I tried to find activities to keep my kids active over the long summer break.

I think it would be safe to say that school will give each of us a well deserved and much needed break from each other as school activities once again become the focus of their attention.

While many safety measures have been enacted parishwide in conjunction with schools opening, everyone needs to be reminded to use extra caution on the roads and to be particularly aware that there will be many young children who will be traveling new routes for the first time.

As a general rule, parents should review traffic safety rules with their children and to practice the route a young child will take, especially if he or she is starting school for the first time or if they will be attending a new school.

But for all us motorists out there, it is easy to forget to slow down for school zones. These yellow flashing lights have sat dormant for the past ten weeks and, come this Monday, they will be in full swing again.

If the thought of speeding through a school zone and causing innocent children to be placed in harms way doesn’t scare you into slowing down, maybe the price of a speeding ticket or two will.


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