Peacefulness should be the way of our lives

Terror struck the world again when as a motor vehicle steered off the road on London Bridge and plowed into more than 20 people, turning an area of bars and restaurants into a scene of human screams, injuries and deaths.

In addition to this tragedy, gunfire was heard along the street, as well as explosion blasts and cries from people being stabbed.

It was a harrowing experience in a city noted for its peacefulness and grandeur.

And, as it was done so in two other recent instances of terrorism in the past in London, the Islamic State claimed responsibility.

It is time for the peaceful countries of the world to take alarm and set up a system that recognizes peacefulness as a way of life in contrast to the barbaric unlawfulness that has been brought about by the evil doers who care nothing about righteousness.

It is time for the good people to take over running the world by standards that are set by  those who believe in the goodness of life here on this earth.

The good people in countries need to come together to run things in the way they should be run. And those countries need to band together to invoke their goodness on people of other countries, which have not come to the acceptance of righteousness in the way people live regardless of which country they inhabit.

They need to form a union of those that recognize the traits in which people can live peacefully.

That must start with leaders of good countries to organize in a group that can get the good people on Mother Earth together and establish rules that make this a peaceful world.

There are certainly enough good people around to offer a majority standing on that issue.

And, from there, we must spread the word to others in the world who can understand that the right way to run this world is to accept the goodness in people’s hearts as the standard by which the world should be run. And it should not be too difficult to understand why that should be the rule of law.

There are certainly enough great people who would accept that goodness as a standard way of life to live by. And by enforcing it with firm laws that have no loopholes in them in the majority of countries of the world, we can live life to its best.

Of course, people throughout most of the world must get on the same footing if we are to have a universal understanding of what is needed in such a world of the future. We cannot do it with dozens and dozens of separate countries setting their own terms of what is lawful and what is not. We certainly need a universal standard to follow.

Let us steer the world in giving Mother Earth a new look that eliminates the almost daily scenes of terrorism that seems to predominate in the world today.


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