Now, it’s getting to be Mr. Trump’s time

Get ready, Louisiana and all of the United States of America. Our country will be entering a new phase of its history.

Within four days, we will inaugurate a new President who is different from any head of state we have had before. Donald Trump is not like Barack Obama or Bill Clinton or Franklin Roosevelt or evenAbraham Lincoln.

He states his mind in unusual ways and sometimes one wonders how he will end living up to his words.

Will he end up doing what he says he will do or wants to do?He started off his campaign usually with tough words that could not be retracted easily if he chose tochange them. Now that he is close to the end of his promises, one wonders how close he can come to carrying them out.

But there has been somewhat of a change in the way he has continued to maintain the same emphasis he used in the beginning of his campaign. Now, his statements contain some prepositions he did not include at the beginning of his campaign.

He is no longer as definite about how strictly he will carry out his campaign promises. There are a few ifs, ands and buts inserted here and there that could make us turn our heads in wonder if this is the same Donald Trump that started the campaign.

He is a little more lenient in the definitiveness with which he states how he will carry out his election as President as it was in the beginning. And we expect it could get a little more indefinite as he begins to carry out his election promises.

And that is the way presidencies usually go. They do not go exactly the way campaigners said they would go.

Trump has gotten more soft spoken than he was at first and that is as it should be. He gives and takes a little bit more now than he did and that should increase when he gets the presidential power in his hands and begins to understand what that power allows him to do.

So we look forward to our next president becoming more soft hearted to the public and especially to those he must deal with in fulfilling his office of presidency. He seems to have made good choices of people to help him carry out that objective in his presidency.

So we wish Donald Trump well in fulfilling what we hope is his desire to become one of the greatest presidents we ever had. And we look forward to that. Go to it, Mr. Trump.


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