No exceptions to the curfew is good

When Sheriff Greg Champagne said most bar owners are pretty good business people, he was right.

The ones we spoke to agreed there should be no exception to St. Charles Parish’s 2 a.m. curfew. The issue of public safety, as well as that of the deputies is a no brainer when weighing out the right to drink all night in a bar compared to the hazards it creates with fights, drunken driving and even murders that have occurred on days like New Year’s Eve as reported in past years.

Even though the Parish Council approved the sheriff’s request to shut all bars down by 2 a.m., it appears to be business as usual at most drinking establishments.

According to the sheriff, “It seems to me that common sense dictates that there is no justifiable reason why we should allow all night drinking on these nights, even on major holidays. If anyone must drink all night and after 2 a.m., it is probably best that they go home to do it.”

Champagne also said he spoke with a couple of bar owners who indicated they had no problem with the ordinance.

The sheriff said he was appreciative for the council’s support on this change, and we are, too.


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