Master plan gets approval

If you took a trip to Grand Isle this past Easter weekend, you were probably amazed and disappointed at the size of the beach there along some parts of the island.

It didn’t go nearly as far out from the levee in the front of the island as it has in the past.Hopefully, this is a temporary condition.  Weather and tides in the summer months may get it closer to the size is usually it. But the size it is now is not what we want at our southeastern Louisiana resort.

But hopefully there is good news ahead. This past week, state officials were considering in one room a 50-year plan for restoration of the Louisiana coast along the Gulf of Mexico, a plan which is renewed or changed every few years but has to be approved by the state every five years.

State officials approved the plan for 2017 and it will now go to the Legislature for an up or down vote. Legislators approved the 2007 and 2012 plans unanimously, which looks good for the future. But the current fact is that our state’s coast is not improving and unless we take action to build it up very soon we will lose the possibility to rebuild our coast and the southern part of our state which will continue to disappear into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

So our governor and state legislators have to get on the ball and make sure we take serious action to rebuild our coast. We have many plans on paper that should help to do that but our action so far has not gone fast enough to get it done.

We have to get it started in the very near future.

Our governor realizes that and issued an emergency declaration which will be sent to the President and members of Congress in hopes that the federal permitting process for major coastal infrastructure projects can be accelerated.

We have many plans for successful restoration of our coast in Louisiana. It is time to take action.


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