Historic message of monuments is not good

The time has come for our monumental statues to be removed from so much public attention.

They are no longer valid in judging the importance of people who live on this earth and occupy our countries.

We have become a free world in which human beings must be judged at somewhat the same level regardless of color of skin or other differences that still keep them within the definition of the human race.

And we must give them the same rights as others as much as possible to keep up our democratic way of life.

There are four monuments on the verge of removal from their public space in Southeast Louisiana for storage in some space less visible where they could be conserved for historic purposes, but without the honor and glory they have received from their prominent spots in the past.

And there is nothing wrong with keeping them somewhat public to remind our people of the things we have done right and wrong in the past.

The four statues on the verge of being given less public praise and attention are of our confederate leaders Gen. Robert E. Lee, P. G. T. Beauregard, Jefferson Davis and a monument that praised white supremacists who attacked the integrated police force of the City of New Orleans In 1874.

In 2015, the New Orleans City Council voted 6 to 1 to remove those public monuments from everyday public view, but that has not been done as yet.

The historic message of those four monuments, which is not all good, could still be stored for historic reasons to continue to remind our citizens of some of the good and bad things we have done in the past.

But we should not glorify them in such public spaces as Lee Circle where citizens have to drive past them on their way to work and play everyday.

So let us confine them to more private spots where they do not get the attention they don’t deserve.

We can then give whatever praise they are due after sober thought of what they did.

And our area can continue to serve our people with the historic messages of the past without giving praise and glory to our failings in the past.


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