Lighting up the fireworks for 2019

It seems like yesterday the fireworks were lighting up the sky for the arrival of 2018 and here we are getting ready to usher in 2019 – already. For St. Charles Parish, the year was colorful, tearful and certainly memorable.

Paradis was shocked by the shooting that claimed 15-year-old Seth Veillon’s life, apparently by his own father. We certainly felt the loss and sadness of such a tragic incident, too.

Our “science teacher celebrity,” Barry Guillot of Harry Hurst Middle School, shared his story on dealing with the rare disease, Guillain Barre’ Syndrome. The community responded by helping him and shows how the parish wants to help. Guillot’s contributions to Wetland Watchers and his menagerie of beautiful exotic creatures has helped reconnect people to what makes Louisiana the true paradise.

We shared in the moment of triumphant for Alexandra Aucoin, the cross country runner of Hahnville High School, who chose to aid a fellow runner in competition. Her compassion was caught on video and it went viral. We reveled in learning there are still very good people among us.

When Destrehan TV evangelist Jesse Duplantis announced he wanted a $54 million private jet, we readily expressed our feelings about that move. Duplantis said God told him his next jet would be a Dassault Falcon 7X. The public replied with disdain and particularly after he revealed he’d already owned three jets.

Earlier this year, a space invader revealed itself when pink stuff started appearing in Luling. It turned out to be eggs from the invasive species known as the apple snail. Surrounding areas reported it, too. Just a reminder: Don’t touch the snail or eggs. They are poisonous to humans.

Boutte’s longtime eatery, Domino’s Pizza, went up in flames and then it was back in a new building. In early 2019, it’ll have a Mr. Ronnie’s donuts in the other half of the building, providing the ultimate experience in drive-through dining.

Oprah’s “Queen Sugar” has been regularly filming in the Luling area as one of numerous productions using St. Charles Parish, as well as state incentives, for filming.
And, just when you think you know someone, Bill Spahr turned out to be an inventor who might upstage the late Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s SCUBA Aqualung. At age 91, Spahr loved talking about his diving hat and how he got to see fish in Lake Ponchartrain at the prime age of 13. Thanks for sharing, Bill.

So, okay, the time is coming to say goodbye to 2018, but let’s hope the New Year is just as amazing for St. Charles Parish. Can I get a “Happy New Year” everybody?!


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