New pharmacy moving into Destrehan

Patrick Douglass and Zack Duncan at their NOLA Discount Pharmacy store in Metairie. They will open a third store under that banner in Destrehan this March.

With the recent closing of Destrehan Discount Pharmacy, Zack Duncan and Patrick Douglass saw a need within the community they could fill.

Duncan and Douglass will be bringing their business, NOLA Discount Pharmacy, to St. Charles Parish, opening their third store under that banner at 3001 Ormond Blvd in Destrehan — the same building where Destrehan Discount Pharmacy operated until moving into what was its final location in early 2018. The store will open in March.

Duncan said many of the former employees of Destrehan Pharmacy have been hired for NOLA Pharmacy, which is part of the same nationwide pharmacy network that Destrehan Pharmacy was.

“We wanted to give the community a local, family-oriented option,” Duncan said. “We operate in the same network and we have access to the same products and deal with the same insurance, contracts and networks (as Destrehan Pharmacy).

“People went to Destrehan Pharmacy because they went the extra mile, and that’s our philosophy too. We try to treat everyone like family and show that it makes a difference when you shop local.”

One of the chief advantages the pharmacy can offer as a locally-based business is shorter wait times (15 minutes or less in most cases).

“Elsewhere, it might take an hour,” Duncan said. “We can make a decision on the spot.”

As the name suggests, discount pricing is another advantage, a difference even more pronounced for those without insurance.

“We have very comparable prices to what (Destrehan Pharmacy) had, and if you don’t have insurance, you really need to be shopping at NOLA Discount Pharmacy,” Douglass said. “It’ll likely be three times as much at a larger chain.”

“We wanted to give the community a local, family-oriented option.”- Zack Duncan

There’s also a lot of value in familiarity.

“One thing we take pride in is knowing our customers … if someone is walking down the aisle, I’m already typing their name in the computer to see if anything’s ready,” Douglass said. “We really try to add that personal touch, and people really seem to appreciate it. That’s another big plus for being able to hire (those who worked at Destrehan Pharmacy), as they know so many people locally and there’s that relationship established.”

The Ormond location, both noted, is a temporary location, with plans of opening a larger store in Destrehan down the line in the works. Two NOLA Discount Pharmacy stores in Metairie are 6,000 and 8,000 square feet respectively, and Duncan and Douglass want to bring the same kind of product selection to St. Charles Parish.

Right now, they’re focused on giving locals another option to fill their prescriptions. Though its Destrehan location won’t open until March, NOLA Discount Pharmacy is now offering free prescription deliveries in St. Charles Parish. Free delivery will continue on once the store officially opens.

One may call (985) 307-0800 to transfer their prescription and have it delivered.  For more information, visit or the NOLA Pharmacy Facebook page.


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