Majoria’s expands catering menu

Joann Beck, Kathleen Majoria and Dana Majoria standing by Majoria’s new expanded deli section.

More changes are coming, owner says

Those seeking catering for their upcoming gatherings, events and celebrations might do well to take a look toward Majoria’s Supermarket, which has expanded its catering menu to better fit the needs of its customers.

“People have requested it, and if you look around, that’s where the industry’s going,” said Dana Majoria, Majoria’s owner along with his brothers Barry, Shea and Marc.”It’s giving people more of a choice to have ready-to-go meals without having to go through the trouble of preparing it themselves. We’re very excited to move forward with it.”

The expanded catering menu offers more than just the traditional party platter entails. New options include gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice, baked ham, roast, bread pudding and sweet potato casserole.

“There are a lot more choices for people to choose from to cater their parties, home gatherings, self-catered weddings … anything like that,” Majoria said.

He noted this change was implemented as part of the Boutte market’s continued evolution that’s aimed at providing a better and more all-encompassing fit for customer’s needs locally.

“We want to give St. Charles Parish a nice, convenient, comfortable place to shop where they can satisfy their needs without having to go outside the parish,” Majoria said. “And more changes are coming as we move forward in that effort.”

“We want to give St. Charles Parish a nice, convenient, comfortable place to shop where they can satisfy their needs without having to go outside the parish.” – Dana Majoria

Majoria’s has also added more fresh “grab and go” meal kits where customers can quickly find a delicious meal to take home, ready-to-eat after heating. The number of items available in the store’s deli has also increased. Among items added are pre-made sandwiches, jambalaya and boxed microwavable red beans.

While the changes continue, visitors to the store will still see Majoria’s traditional strengths shine, such as the store’s strong selection of wine and liquor, standing as a “go-to” place for high-end bourbons at reasonable prices.

Other specialties that one can find at Majoria’s is a store made hogshead cheese that is Barry Majoria’s own recipe and over a dozen varieties of fresh sausage including “Cajun Rib Eye” sausage.

“If a person likes hogshead cheese, they owe it to themselves to try ours,” Majoria said. “We’ve been doing party trays for a long, long time. Our catering people have maintained the same standard of quality food through the years. Great chicken salad, finger sandwiches … it’s really been a word of mouth thing for us. We get a lot of referrals and people ordering pickups.”

Majoria said the store stresses quality above all else.

“With all our food, we have great quality control,” he said. “Everything is made fresh. We use a fair amount of product, give people value for their dollar.


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