Wildcats get past Alexandria

Take on O.P Walker next

The Destrehan Wildcats got off to a slow start after a long trip to Alexandria to take on the Trojans, but they recovered in the second half to take a 34-20 victory. Quarterback Jordan Jefferson was the key in the win, throwing for four touchdowns. He completed 16 out of 30 passes for 241 yards. Running back Jerico Nelson led the ground attack with a touchdown and 76 yards on 19 carries.

Leading the receiving corps was wide receiver Tim Molton with six receptions for 110 yards and two touchdowns. Demaris Johnson had four catches for 75 yards and a touchdown while Terrance Williams also had a touchdown to go along with 25 yards on three catches.

The Wildcats took an early 7-0 lead, but by halftime the score was tied 14-14 because of two rushing touchdowns by Alexandria running back Clint Boykins.

However, the Wildcats held the Trojans to just one more touchdown while they scored three in the second half. The Wildcats benefited late from two bad punt conversions by the Trojans which gave them excellent field position.

Also contributing in the game were running back Joel Banks with 43 yards on seven carries and wide receiver Lionel Washington with a 25-yard reception.

Tomorrow, the Wildcats take on the O. Perry Walker Chargers led by big offensive lineman Alex Williams and defensive back Michael Robinson.

The Chargers will have the big Wildcats defensive line tandem of Quince Perrilloux and Brice Scott to get through.

Alexandria showed that the Wildcats can be run on, but the Chargers’ running game is not nearly as strong as the Trojans.

The Charger secondary is also strong, but it will have its hands full with the plethora of speedy targets that Jordan Jefferson has at his disposal.

This season, the Wildcats may just overwhelm other teams with their speed at the receiver position.


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