What do you give a sportsman for Christmas who has everything?

Talk to my wife, Gretchen – married for 30 years – and she will tell you, “Bruce has everything he needs to venture into the outdoors.”

Talk to me and I will give you a list of items needed for hunting, fishing, golf, hiking or just going on a vacation.  Some items can double for outdoor needs as well as recreation needs. Remember, these are only suggestions.

Most items can be found in any local outdoor department stores. Try purchasing the following items: rifles, compound bow, shotguns, GPS for the four wheeler and truck – hand held or mount type – personal life jacket (in camo for duck hunters), LED flashlights, LED cap clip light. Also look at wildlife cameras (stealth cam), boots, watch, standard maps, hand warmers, small propane heaters, knives, a knife sharpener (the Lansky Knife Sharpening system works the best), silk tops and bottoms (unbelievable warmth), socks, gloves, binoculars (12×50 recommended), tree climbers, tri-pods (12 – 16 feet), deer cart to roll out the kill, rain coats, portable blind, decoys, a winch for the four-wheeler ( 1500 pounds minimum), scopes for the rifle, portable alarm clock,  a digital camera, camo in the quad jacket and bibs (they are waterproof, wind proof, insulates, breathable), all Gortex and Thinsulates outerware, 2 way hand held radios, shooting glasses, ear plugs,  Leatherman multi-tool, tire repair plugging system, jumper cables, 5-1 jumpstarter, spotting scopes, gun case or cabinet for the home,  and last, a new truck or four-wheeler.

Fishing – Rod and reels, sun screen, Power Pro fishing line (8 – 20 pound test), soft tackle boxes, baits (this item range is unlimited), hooks, weights, electric filet knife or regular filet knife, GPS for the boat and car, personal life jacket, gloves, hats, shirts, shorts, flashlights, cap mount LED lights, maps of favorites areas (standard maps are the best), ice chest (5 day coolers), digital camera, jumper cables, 5-1 jump starter, home mount rod holder (some can be mounted on the ceiling in the garage or shed), grease gun,  and last, a new truck or boat & trailer.

Camping or Vacationing- Tents, sleeping bags, GPS, 2-way radio, flashlight, backpacks, folding chairs, fire rings, propane stove, light, and heater, table, folding chairs, rain coats and parkas, 5-1 jumpstarter (AC and DC outlet, light, power to jump start vehicles, air compressor), digital camera and last, a new SUV and camper.

Local hunting and fishing scene
Last week was a busy time for the Des Allemands, Lake Salvador, and Cataouatche area.
Around Des Allemands the catfish have been biting between the three bridges. Earthworms at 12 to 16 feet have allowed fishermen to catch good numbers of blue cats. The recent rains have the water levels up and plenty of fish are being caught. The sliding cork system will let you get down to the exact depth.

Sac-a-laits, bass, and bream have been hit and miss. The best canals to fish have been the Airplane Canal, Penrod, Humble in the Bayou, and the canals with wellheads in Bayou Gauche. Sac-a-laits like the blue/white, black/chartreuse, and red/white, chartreuse mini jigs.  Bass have been biting on Chartreuse, white, and orange/chartreuse spinner baits.  The watermelon worm with red metal flakes worm have caught bass.  Texas rig the worm with a ¼ ounce weighted head and red #3 hooks.

Hunting in the Salvador Managements Area produced good numbers of deer and ducks.  This is the time of year speckle trout show-up on the eastern side of Lake Salvador. Bay Badeaux and the Christmas tree line have been the areas.   On calms days fishing with a gold spoon, 2 inch chartreuse, white tuxedo cocahoe, and the salt-n-pepper terror tail on a retrieve or under a cork, will allow you to catch reds and specks.

Lake Cataouatche has been overrun by the duck hunters and a few bass fishermen.  Grays, redheads, teal, buffel heads, dos gris, coots, pintails, mallards, and widgeons have been the mix bag of ducks killed.  Areas hunted have been the Tank Ponds, the Netherlands, and the marshy area around the lake.  Fishing for bass produced big fish last week.  December is the month in which big bass begin spawning.  Fish are being caught on the watermelon baby brush hog, white spinner, and the crawfish colored rattletrap.

Merry Christmas to all and keep Christ in Christmas.  Have a safe and joyful holidays and Happy New Year!


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