Recreation summer baseball games in full swing

The recreation department’s summer baseball teams are already busy hitting home runs, and sliding into bases. “We are on our 8th game this week,” said Robert Brown of the St. Charles Recreation Department. The recreation department offers competitive baseball teams for residents between the ages of 5 and 18 years-old. St. Charles Recreation Department strives to provide kids with a balanced baseball program that will help teach kids life long lessons such as playing as a team and good sportsmanship. “We really want the kids to have fun with the game and meet new people,” said Brown. “The numbers are about the same this year as before Katrina. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty good season,” he continued.

Five year-old kids start out playing tee-ball, learning the game, and the older children play more competitive baseball. The league will have two All-Star teams that will serve the east and west banks of the parish. “We are encouraging players on the high school level to become more involved in recreation baseball,” said Brown. Freshmen at the high schools can play and continue to perfect their ability at their positions. “Juniors and seniors usually play metro and legion baseball but they are welcome to join us,” Brown continued.

The Recreation Department has produced players that have gone on to play college baseball such as Chris Marque and professional players such a Beau Jones. As always, the St. Charles Parish Recreation Department welcomes all children of the parish to sign up for a team. “We want all children to become involved, even children with disabilities. As they get older, there are special programs for children with special needs,” Brown concluded. For more information contact the Recreation Department 783-5090.

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