Recreation Spring soccer in full bloom

Program teaches at a high level

Spring Recreation Soccer is in full swing and over 100 girls and boys in St. Charles Parish are participating. This pass weekend, three of the teams traveled to Baton Rouge to represent St. Charles Parish in the Red Stick Tournament. Those teams are the U-19 boys-Tornadoes, U-13 boys-United and the U-12 boys- Patriots. Chris LaGrange, who coaches a U-12 team named the Patriots, feels that the Recreation Soccer Program is one of the best. “We have excellent volunteer coaches and great athletics,” said Coach LaGrange. “Often times parents tend to think they need to leave the parish to get high quality coaching for their child.” “We have produced some of the top players in the state.” Just check both of our high school rosters.”

The overall experience for the youth in St. Charles Parish who participate in Fall or Spring soccer is a positive one. It helps them develop skills and a love for the sport. More importantly, it enhances the quality of their play when they get to the high school level. “We have excellent teams that can just about challenge anyone,” said LaGrange. “I encourage all our parents to get their children involved in our soccer program.”

Anyone can find a soccer ball being kicked around on both east and west bank, on almost any day of the week, and it is easy to find a good game to watch on the weekend, just pick a place. All around the area one can find working parents, ex-professional soccer players and high school students coaching and officiating the game of soccer here in St. Charles Parish. And of course, there will be rows and rows of parents on all the fields both at practice and at game time, cheering on their child.


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