RC car race series this summer at East Bank raceway

Attracting remote-control car racers from Alabama, Mississippi and throughout Louisiana is the main focus for the RC Ruffhouse race club. The St. Rose organization is in the process of recruiting remote controlled racers from across the region for a remote control race extravaganza that will also benefit the St. Charles Parish Recreation Department.

“RC Ruffhouse is ready to host the RC Ruffhouse Race for Separation extravaganza after this year’s regional match up,” said RC Ruffhouse spokesperson Ricardo Smith.

“We’re looking for recreational hobbyist and professionals to join our sport at the St. Charles Raceway.”

Smith says that the event will also benefit the St. Charles Parish Recreation Department and could peak the interest of racers all across the south.

“Our organization is also offering sponsorship opportunities for the regional small to mid-sized business community,” he added. “Promotional sponsors will be acknowledged during the event and will place their banners along the racetrack’s fence line.”

Before and after the race, sponsors will also be able to show off their products and services.

“In addition to this being a great sport and a way for businesses to advertise, it’s first and foremost a family-oriented day at the park with some high-flying off-road remote control cars reaching for speeds over 40 mph,” said Smith. “All racers will be jockeying for a position to take the checkered flag.”

Food and drinks will be available for purchase during the race and for the kids’ enjoyment there will be a rock climbing wall and a bouncer.

An award ceremony will directly follow the main event. At that time, all trophies and prizes will be handed out with the sponsor’s involvement. The benefit checks will be handed out to the St. Charles Parish Recreation Department with pictures.

Anyone interested in participating in the race day sponsorship or as a car racers, contact Ricardo Smith at 504-312-3882. Checks may be made out to Ruffhouse Contracting and Promotions, LLC.

Visit www.rcruffhouse.com for more information.


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