Plenty of specks can be pulled out of Bayou Rigolettes, Bayou Perot

While hunting season has kicked into gear, fishermen can still have plenty of success in Bayou Rigolettes and Bayou Perot.

Last weekend we made a trip to the area and caught 60 speckled trout, 20 of which were keepers.After a couple of cold fronts earlier in the week, temperatures were in the low 70s with light winds and blue skies. My son Hunter and I picked up two pounds of market shrimp for redfish and headed to marker No. 1 in Bayou Rigolettes.

We turned south where the shoreline was lined with rocks all the way to the Harvey Cut. Along the shoreline, nine points protrude into the Rigolettes and current lines develop with wind action and tide movement.

We stopped at the first cut and I was throwing a quarter-ounce black/gold rattletrap while Hunter used a quarter-ounce jig head with market shrimp to catch redfish. After picking up just one redfish and an undersized speckled trout, we moved on to plan B.

We both switched to quarter-ounce jig heads and put glow cocahoe bodies on the tip. Hunter tipped his glow cocahoe with shrimp.

It wasn’t long before Hunter pulled out a solid 14-inch trout. He boated a few more before I put a cork on my line. Circling the big grass bed, we picked up speckled trout in the clear green water.

Of the 20 specks we kept, we had a few 16-inch and 14-inch fish, but the rest were 12 inches.

In search of redfish we cranked up and headed for the Harvey Cut. Fishing with market shrimp on the bottom along the cement wall and breaks, we managed to snag a few undersized redfish.

During the fall, most outdoorsmen begin focusing on hunting and tend to quit fishing. October, November and December are considered a transition time when speckled trout and redfish migrate into the marshes of south Louisiana.

Light winds, overcast days and good tide ranges can produce good catches of speckled trout and redfish in the Lafitte area. A good rule is to fish the third day after a cold front.

Good luck!


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