Outdoor Report with Bruce McDonald 2-24-2009

Lake Des Allemands, Salvador and Cataouatche sac-a-lait still biting

If you are still thinking about hooking-up your boat and heading out to catch a big bass or a bunch of sac-a-laits, the time is at hand. The Des Allemands, Lake Salvador Management Area, and Lake Cataouatche area are still producing good numbers of fish.

Lake Des Allemands has several good canals on the east side of the lake that produce fish.

Knight’s Bay, the Stump Canal, Humble on the Lake, and the Providence Canal are also biting.

South of Des Allemands, the Airplane Canal, the Company Canal, the Amerada Canals, and the Mecham Canal are great places to fish and make good catches.

Lake Cataouatche has had the diversion running at 6,100 cubic feet per second for the last week.

Fresh water from the river is helping this area tremendously. Vegetation, bait, and cover from the diversion have made Lake Cataouatche explode with big bass catches for the past two months.

The best spots have been the Tank Ponds, the Netherlands, the Louisiana Cypress Canal, and the West Canal.

The Lake Salvador area includes a multitude of canals to fish in. The Gulf Canal, the “L” Canal, the Fence, and Cabanage will allow you to catch a limit of your favorite fish.

All of these places are great areas, but there are certain weather conditions that guarantee your success.

When the south and southeast winds push water into the canals, the temperatures reach 70 degrees and the skies remain cloudy, and bass, sac-a-lait, bream and catfish get turned on.

But there are also factors which can hamper your success, like a cold front the night before that drops the temperatures into the 30s and 40s and north winds blowing out high water conditions.

On the weekends, when a hundred boats are running up and down the canals, stirring up the water, that can also put a damper on your angling time.

The word about fish in a canal or a spot will travel fast, so make sure your one of the first to find the best spot.

Choosing the proper baits can help your ability to catch fish tremendously.

Bass have been hitting a white spinner bait, the watermelon baby brush hog and plastic worm, the bone-colored rattle trap in the red blood line, and the Pearl Baby Minus-1.

Sac-a-laits have been hitting red, white and chartreuse, blue, white, black and chartreuse on a 1/16- or 1/32-ounce jig head under a cork.

Grass shrimp and shiners work well in low water conditions.

Bream are being caught on warm weather days with earthworms or the blue 1/16-ounce blue beetle with a gold spinner blade.

Catfish are biting on earthworms in Des Allemands between the bridges at 12 to 14 feet.

In Lake Cataouatche with the Diversion having strong currents, fish the bottoms with Carolina rigs using shrimp or earthworms for best results.


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