New Head Coach enthusiastic about summer swim season

With summer in full swing, Hill Heights Country Club’s swim team, the Hurricanes, are hard at work practicing, swimming and competing at local swim meets.

Head Coach, Nicole Matherne, says despite their recent losses she is happy with the progress of her swimmers.  “We have lost our first two meets but the kids are improving with every practice and every meet.  And that is what is important to me,” said Matherne.

The Hurricanes have swimmers that range in age from 4-18.  “I just have a cute bunch of kids.  They work really hard and continue to improve their strokes,” said the head coach.  She went on to say, “There are a couple of groups that do exceptionally well.”

“The 15-18 year-old boys are very good and the 11-12 year-old girls are good as well,” said the coach.  “Sam Frazier is excellent at the Butterfly as well as Jared Rodrigue,” said Matherne of some of her best swimmers.  “The 7-8 year old girls are also doing exceptionally well.  Emily Rigby is excellent on the butterfly,” the coach continued.

The boys relay at HHCC have never lost.  “Pylar Zeringue is excellent at freestyle, backstroke, and breast.  And Cameron Laurent does well with his best stroke, breast,” said coach Matherne.

Coach Matherne says, “I love my job.  Working with the kids is great, especially the younger kids.  When they learn a new stroke and make it across the pool for the first time, it is rewarding.”


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