McGee signs with UNO

Lady Wildcat wants to be a part of a growing program

Displaced by Katrina, Candice McGee came to Destrehan girl’s basketball team with a strong record and good knowledge of the game. She played with JPRD Westbank Allstars and the AAU Summer League. These two programs helped her to possess what Coach Frontha defines as fundamentally sound in the basic skills of basketball. Fundamentals are the foundation for fun. “If you know the game and know it well, the rest is fun, ” said Frontha.“I enjoy the game, I think it is fun,” said McGee.

McGee is ready to begin another part of her life’s journey as she signed with the University of New Orleans Lady Privateers. At 5’10”, a center forward, she is looking ahead to playing the game at the college level. She feels that playing AAU basketball has given her the experience of playing very competitive ball. “Playing AAU was my favorite time of the season, because I got to play with and against some of the best,” said Candice.

“McGee is excited about her new chapter in basketball,” said Coach Frontha, adding she is excited about playing for University of New Orleans. Frontha said McGee plays with great ease, and often find a smile on her face after most any play. The smile comes from the joy she gets from just playing. Other times, the smile is there to keep the anger away when she is fouled and agitated by a bad call. “Overall she keeps a positive attitude,” said Coach Frontha.

McGee found it hard when she first arrived at Destrehan because she missed her old team: “Being a senior, I wanted to graduate with my teammates,” reflected McGee. “However, the Lady Wildcats accepted me, I love Coach Frontha, and everything is good.”

McGee enjoyed both ends of the court, from driving to the goal to blocking shots, also rebounding both offensively and defensively. Well rounded, she is averaging between 13-17 pts a game and between 8-12 rebounds.

Playing as a team and playing hard in the games are equally important to McGee. However, she says that the hard work during practice is what produces a winning team. McGee says that perfect practice makes for a perfect game. If the team doesn’t take practice seriously, and execute the plays perfectly in practice they won’t be able to produce in the game.

McGee has selected to join the UNO Lady Privateers because she likes the program and is looking forward to being a major contributor to this growing basketball organization. Secondly, she wanted to stay at home where she can still have the continued support and love of her family.

Candice is aslo looking further to her academic studies and plans to major in nursing.

On the court, her record speaks for itself. “I have being watching her play since she was in the 9th grade and she has improved over time,” said Coach Frontha, and “she will be a great asset to the team.”


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