Luling hunter kills 10-point on northshore

Big buck taken during rut

One of the most exciting times for deer hunters is the rut, when bucks let their guards down in order to pass their genes to another generation of deer.

During the rut, bucks have been known to walk past hunters in broad daylight, providing easy shots on big targets.

Jim Burns, of Luling, made the one-hour trip to his hunting lease on the northshore known as the Dolly Tee Hunting Club. Burns had hunted the 4,500-acre-lease for years and knew that the week after Christmas is always the best time to tag a trophy buck.

“I schedule a week vacation from work to deer hunt during this time,” Burns said. “My passion is to hunt with a bow. I have five wall hangers taken in Illinois. This weekend I decided to hunt with my American Ruger 308.”

On Friday, Burns didn’t see anything worth shooting, but that changed on Saturday.

“Rain started Saturday morning and I left my stand and went back to the camp to get some lunch. The temperature was in the upper 50s and made conditions comfortable,” Burns said. “At around 2:30 p.m., movement in some tall grass caught my attention along a natural deer crossing.”

Burns had set up near the edge of a swampy area along a tree line. The horns of a big deer appeared first, and then a doe took flight.

“Then this big deer stepped out in an opening and I fired the 150-grain Winchester Power-Point and hit my mark,” Burns said. “When I reached the buck I had to rub my eyes and take a second look. I couldn’t believe how big he was.”

The buck, a 10-point, was the largest Burns had ever killed in Louisiana.

“I was so excited that I began shaking,” Burns said. “Even at 56, I still get excited.”

Burns plans to debone all of the deer meat and keep it until the end of hunting season. Then he will process it into sausage, ground meat, burritos, jerky and tamales.


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