Local track athlete makes his mark

SLU track star named to All-American Track Team

When Avery Sorapuru walked onto Southeastern Louisiana University’s track team, “He wasn’t very good,” said SLU’s Head Track Coach Sean Brady. But since that day, Sorapuru has shown his coaches and fellow track team members that he is a force to be reckoned with. After three seasons with SLU, Sorapuru has been named to the All-American Track Team.

As a student and track team member at Hahnville High School, Sorapuru was a two-time state participant in the long jump and triple jump and went to the regionals for hurdles. In his junior year, he finished 5th at State for the triple jump and 7th for his long jump.

The bright student did not have a senior year with his high school team because as he put it, “I graduated early and started college.”

Sorapuru just finished up his third track season at SLU. He began his collegiate track career as a walk-on in 2003. In his first semester, he did not have a scholarship for track. “Now after my third season, I am getting a nice chunk of change to play for SLU,” said Sorapuru. According to his coach, “Sorapuru has overcome many hurdles to be in the position he is in today.”

Sorapuru’s college track seasons have been anything but dull. “I did well at conference,” said the star track member. “I finished 9th in the triple jump and made it to the finals. I also did well at the Indoor Finals for the long and triple jump,” said Sorapuru. He was selected for the LWFA Team, which is compiled of the best 3 times in each event for hurdles in the state.

Most recently, Sorapuru has been selected for the All-American Track Team for his long jump. The All- American Track Team includes the top 8 track athletes in the nation at the college level. Also, this accomplished track member competed in the Nationals in California where he competed against other colleges in the country.

“It wasn’t easy,” said Sorapuru. “I walked onto the team as a freshman and worked very hard to get where I am today. I started out running with the Striders, Coached by Ulysses Frontha and Coach Henry. I was lucky, Coach Frontha is one of the best.”

“It is a tremendous feat for an athlete to overcome hurdles to accomplish his track goals. We are very pleased and it was a terrific year for Avery. I expect him to return to the NCAA Championships next year,” said Southeastern’s Head Track Coach, Sean Brady. He went on to say, “It is quite an achievement for any college student, especially SLU student to make it to the regionals and then was named to the All-American Track Team. We are very proud.”


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