Local soccer stars named

Delatte shines for DHS and Verhey stands out for HHS

The 2006 All-District team was named and several local athletes were standouts on the list.

For Destrehan High School, forward Donald DeLatte, midfielders Justin Weyenberg and Robbie Anderson, defender T.J Favaloro and goalkeeper Chris Tyree were named first team. Seniors Delatte, Favaloro and Tyree have played together since they were 8-years old, with Tyree coming to the team this year from Brother Martin due to Hurricane Katrina. These three spearheaded Destrehan’s surprising run, as they won district only for the second time in school history.

Delatte led the team offensively, with Assistant Coach Rick Hollier adding, “He was extremely effective his entire 4 years here, scoring a grand total of 134 goals. For a high school player, that is phenomenal.”

“Chris came in and filled the void, and played well for us,” said Hollier, adding that all three provided the senior leadership that was essential to Destrehan’s success. Hollier said that in addition to the kids Ray Brown’s scheme was vital for the team.

Although the three seniors excelled in high school, none will be playing college ball, citing burn out from playing so long.

For Hahnville, senior midfielder Travis Verhey and sophomore defender Nick Caropino were honored with first team mentions. Head Coach Raphael DeVega said that Verhey at central midfield excelled at controlling the pace and flow of the action. DeVega said that Verhey’s vision of the field made him an assest to the team.

Verhey was offered an opportunity to play at West Virginia University but has not decided.

As for his other all-star, “Nick is an outstanding defender with ability to read situations before they develop, therefore he can anticipate the next move of a attacker,” said DeVega.

Making it to the playoffs since last year’s absence, DeVega said that Hahnville is on the right track for next year.


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