Lady Tigers squeeze by Lady Patriots

Playing with heart the last seconds of the game

The battle started minutes into the game with the Lady Patriots taking over the floor. Good passing, clean defense, and with number 22, Dumas, hitting shot after shot, the Patriots were on their way to victory. However, the Lady Tigers had other plans for the night.With 16.7 seconds left in the game, Coach Kevin sends in two subs, number 32, Danielle Douglas and number 54, Naomi Hills. With the Lady Patriots up by 1 point and with seconds left in the game, the Tigers had a clear plan to be focused and ready. The whistle blew and a pass was made to Hills, the basket was shot, the game was won. The Lady Tigers defeated the Patriots 58-57.

The Lady Patriots played good defense and outscored the Lady Tigers in the first half. Dumas who hit two 3 pointers in the first minutes of the game with the help of Mannings took charge and helped end the half with the Lady Patriots leading the Lady Tigers 32- 28.

With everything in their favor, the Lady Tigers had to come back into the game with a different plan. Kierra Davis, Nadia Cox, and Darah Scrubbs were determined to change the fate of the game. However, the Patriots didn’t make it easy on the Lady Tigers. Henderson, of Ehret, had steals back to back to make 3 consecutive lay-ups.

With a minute left in the game, Cox shot a 3 pointer placing the Lady Tigers up by one point. The Lady Patriots came back with Mannings shooting a 3 pointer, putting the Patriots on top. With 11.4 seconds in the game, Hills was ready to follow through with anything. His determination made all the difference, making the shot to win the game.


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