Kristian tees off on T.O.

By Kristian Garic

Our columnist pulls no punches in his analysis of player’s spit debacle

I wish my saliva were worth that much! Terrell Owens or “That Player” as commonly referred to by his head coach Bill Parcells, is at it again. Last week when the Dallas Cowboys squared off in the Georgia Dome against the Atlanta Falcons, we knew that T.O. would do something interesting, and he did…the most disrespectful thing anyone can do to another person.

He spit in the face of Falcons cornerback Deangelo Hall. The two had been trading verbal jabs all game long and finally T.O showed his ignorance and child ness once again late in the game.

On Monday the NFL swiftly fined him $35,000 in probably one of the most expensive loogie’s NFL history.

To you and me $35,000 is a lot of money, to T.O just another price you pay for being Terrell Owens. No big deal, just money, and when you have his money you don’t care about $35,000. I have a really good idea for the NFL…FINE HIM AND SUSPEND HIM!! That is the only way a guy or should I say “punk” like him would learn.

We have had several suspensions in the NFL this year, for stepping on another players face, steroid use or asthmas medication use etc etc. The aforementioned players received suspensions, why not T.O!!! Because believe it or not the NFL secretly relishes this behavior. It makes T.O a draw, it makes him attractive, because you can’t wait to see what T.O is going to do next week. Terrell is of the notion that there is no such thing as bad pub.

T.O would do it again if he had the chance, especially if he just gets a $35,000 fine for it. The NFL tries to project a clean image, they try to project that they want their players to behave on the field, but secretly they don’t want to suspend one of the bigger ticket draws in the league in the midst of a playoff run.

However they won’t hesitate to suspend someone that tested positive for steroids because of asthma medicine that player was taking possibly forced a false positive test result. Because Hollis Thomas is a Defensive Tackle not a play making wide-reciever that scores touchdowns and is a walking sound bite waiting to happen.

Why? Because he puts fans in the seat. Why? Because we as fans tolerate this infantile behavior! Does the NFL care about their reputation as much as they want us to believe they do? We as fans are attracted to it! Much like we were attracted to Mike Tyson even after he took a chunk out of Evander Hollyfield’s ear.


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