K’garten kids: Saints will win the Super Bowl – THIS YEAR!

‘They practice hard and pray a lot’ – Emily Thompson, 5

“Do you think the Saints are going to win the Super Bowl?” Had you asked me that question a few weeks ago I would have told you I really hadn’t thought all that much about it. Yet, after visiting the enthusiastic 4 and 5-year-olds in Darlene Mollere’s class at A.A. Songy Kindergarten Center in Luling, and asking for their views on the subject, even I’ve got the spirit.

The enthusiastic 5 and 6-year- olds said “Yes!” when I asked them straight forward, “Do you think the Saints are going to win the Super Bowl?”

Although, when I added “Why?” things got cute and colorful. Read on and you’ll see what I mean. Have fun – I certainly did.

Gavin Gibson, 6 – “They won the other game and now they are going to take a break and nap, because they need that, and after they nap, they will win.”

Conner Curole, 5 – “The coach taught them how to play well. They are going to go left, then right, then hurry and get a touchdown.”

Allen Mire, 6 – “They won the other games and they can even beat LSU.”

Michael Harris, 5 – “The Saints are winners! They’re gonna hit them down and make a touchdown!”

Brennan Smith, 5 – “They are going to knock them over like the kids (Brennan’s classmates) keep knocking my building (of toy blocks) over. Stop knocking over my building!”

Jeffrey White, 5 – “They’re gonna catch the football and throw it into the goal!”

Sydni Champagne, 5 – “The Saints are gonna push everyone away and that’s how they gonna win.”

Alex Cortez, 5 – “The (Mimosa) Mustangs won and they’ve got red jerseys. If the Saints get red jerseys, they’ll win, too!”

Shainah Chapman, 5 – “I am going to do a cheerleading dance for them to help them win!”

Allison Grabert, 5 – “They are going to win because they practice how to do it.”

Alexis Smith, 5 – “They are going to win because (one of these days) my brother is going to play and win for them.”

Spencer Zera, 6 – “I bet they are going to bless God and make a touchdown.”

Julian Brezinsky, 5 – “They are going to win because their muscle’s are fierce and they work out and practice.”

Karen Voisin, teacher’s aid– “The way the adrenaline is going, they’re definitely going to win!”

Darlene Mollere, teacher– “They want it! They have the drive and the will!”

Debbie Caire, teacher’s aid – “They have the discipline! They never had that before. When you have discipline, there is no stopping you.”


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