HHS takes second as BASS tourney grows

On Saturday, Eugene Hoover, Louisiana High School BASS Nation State Director, opened the gates at Red River Pool #3 Colfax Landing expecting 80 boats to fish the first BASS tournament of the year. He was in for a surprise.

By the time everyone was registered, launched, and parked, 131 boats were ready for the Blast Off to bass fish.

“We were overwhelmed, my crew was stretched to the limits,” Hoover said. “This was unbelievable but we got it done.”

The low water conditions made bass fishing very difficult and only 65 of the 131 boats weighed fish. But Hahnville teams Hayden Theriot and Luke Cheramie, Dalton Melancon and Andrew Granier, and Landon Baudoin and Davin Baudoin took on the challenge.

“We caught our fish on black sweet beavers in murky water,” said Theriot. “The water started moving in one bayou we were in and we slammed 15 to 20 fish in an hour and half. Luke and I were lucky, being in the right place at the right time.”

The weather started out with 58-degree temps but warmed up in the high 80’s. Light winds allowed fishermen to fish any place they wanted. At the end of the day, weigh-ins told the whole story. Hayden Theriot and Luke Cheramie had finished in third Place. Dalton Melancon and Andrew Granier finished in seventh place and Landon Baudoin and Davin Baudoin in 23rd. In the team competition, the Ascension Anglers won the overall team award but Hahnville High School finished in second place.

Other team members for Hahnville High School competing Saturday were Collin Sawyer, Scott Folse, David Bernard and Peyton Fabre.

Hahnville High School will continue to fish the Louisiana High School BASS Nation tournament trail in the spring, including dates on February 1 at Calcasieu River, Lake Charles; March 23 at Bayou Segnette in Westwego and the State Tournament April 29, 2017, the location to be announced.


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