Herald-Guide Outdoor Report 3-26-2008

Fishin’ in plentiful Louisiana

The waterways in and surrounding St. Charles Parish are frequented by many local fisherman. So, anglers grab your pole. Here’s your fishing report.

Most local fishers say that the March forecast is hard to predict, simply because of the warm and cold weather rotations. But the teeter-totter conditions don’t seem to play a major role in Jonas Dufrene’s sport.

“I really haven’t gotten out full force on Lake Des Allemands or the Simoneaux Ponds yet,” said Dufrene. “But now that we’re closer to April I’m looking forward to reeling in some Lake Pontchartrain trout.”

Dufrene, who has many fishing recreationally since he was a child, says that the with warmer waters and calm winds trout as big as 5 pounds are catchable in the lake, and points out that he like to use either Magic Minnow Hybrid or shrimp as a lure.

Dufrene has also been spotted near Bayou Segnette and says that catching and releasing up to 30 bass a day isn’t that strange of an occurance for the end of March.

“I’ve really enjoyed casting at Bayou Segnette, but now that the catfish are spawning I can’t wait to catch some Des Allemands catfish,” said Dufrene.

Local fishing reports indicate that large-mouth bass is in full spawn now in Lake Cataouatche along with baitfish. The water is at the perfect temperature for sauger. They’re feeding well and in good supply in the deeper waters.

With Lake Salvador’s water rising to 62 degrees, the catfish will start becoming more active. The spawn is right around the corner and all species including Blue catfish, flathead and channel catfish will be looking to spawn in places like deep tree lay downs that have lots of shade and holes in the bank.

We want to know what you’re catching, how much your catching and what you’re using to catch fish right here in St. Charles Parish! So send us your fishing pictures and personal forecast to Sports Editor Heather R. Breaux at heatherb@heraldguide.com.


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